Thursday, September 6, 2012

Route 66 Village

I've made two trips now to the Route 66 Village in Tulsa, OK. My first visit was during the early afternoon, so fairly bright and sunny conditions. Not the best for photos as there is not much directional light but pretty good for photographing details.

My second visit was closer to sunset on a day that had experienced some passing rain and thunder storms. However, as I found out, the actual sunset was not very spectacular so I was not able to get any dramatic light in the sky. That's not to say the clouds didn't give an atmospheric look to the photos I took. Also, with the fast dropping light levels, I broke out my SB-600 to provide some fill light - I had my D100 set to rear curtain to keep the ambient light levels balanced with the fill.

(click images to open gallery in new window)

Daytime visit:

Evening/sunset visit:

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