Saturday, September 1, 2012

Re-working my photo library

Hopefully I have moved my photo library for the last time (other than regular backups). For the third time in so many months I have had to remove it from a laptop and re-install it on another. I guess that was the price to pay for using a laptop(s) I was borrowing and not one I owned. That has all changed now as I now have my own and can rebuild my library and get all my photos better organized. And yes, I went with a Mac; a used (pre-unibody) 15in MacBook Pro that I upgraded the ram and harddrive to 4GB and 750GB respectively.

Now comes the task of installing all the software, resetting all the settings and presets, as well as just getting used to where everything is. Much like working with my camera, everything needs to be comfortable and familiar for best productivity.

I haven't spent much time behind my camera this last week. I have however been reading a new book on lighting and editing/correcting for "correct" skin tones. Been very interesting and informative so far. 

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