Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mixed bag of things follow up

I recently posted about my technical problems...and after some further
investigation I want to update a couple of things.

To begin with, my scanner hasn't died. I tested it on my PC and laptop under
Windows 7 and it appeared dead. I then borrowed a Macbook Air and it worked
perfectly! So my issue is that Windows 7 will not work with my Epson
Perfection V500 Photo scanner - driver and software errors on install and
the scanner will not function.

I also found that my laser printer would not install under Windows 7 - a
Dell 1700n. And once again I was able to simply install it on the Macbook

After these final issues (have had a string if other issues too) I have come
to the conclusion that Windows 7 is not for me and my hardware. Instead I am
seriously looking to ways to switch to a Mac as it seems to "just work". And
luckily all the software and hardware that matters to me for photo work has
Mac install options on the install discs.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mixed bag of things

I've recently been experiencing a mix of ups and downs; mainly a lot of technical headaches related to my digital workflow.

  • my main workstation had to be rebuilt as things were just not running properly
  • my laptop has an annoying habit of crashing at random times with random errors
  • my flatbed/film scanner has "died" and my backup film scanner doesn't want to work on my rebuilt computer
  • my recently cleaned/lubed 20mm prime lens has once again (before I even used it on camera) leaked lubricant onto the aperture diaphragm blades and stopped working
At least I do have some good things to relay. I seem to be experiencing a larger merging of my photography and my day job. Part of which is the recording of an on-going construction project relating to my day job. Then today I was invited to take the official photographs at an employee awards event.

So despite all my recent issues, things are still moving forward and I'm still taking photos. And each photograph moves me forward as a learning process and allows me to keep growing.

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