Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mixed bag of things follow up

I recently posted about my technical problems...and after some further
investigation I want to update a couple of things.

To begin with, my scanner hasn't died. I tested it on my PC and laptop under
Windows 7 and it appeared dead. I then borrowed a Macbook Air and it worked
perfectly! So my issue is that Windows 7 will not work with my Epson
Perfection V500 Photo scanner - driver and software errors on install and
the scanner will not function.

I also found that my laser printer would not install under Windows 7 - a
Dell 1700n. And once again I was able to simply install it on the Macbook

After these final issues (have had a string if other issues too) I have come
to the conclusion that Windows 7 is not for me and my hardware. Instead I am
seriously looking to ways to switch to a Mac as it seems to "just work". And
luckily all the software and hardware that matters to me for photo work has
Mac install options on the install discs.

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