Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Keep the internet free!

Click the above links to read more on the two biggest threats to the internet and freedom of information that need to be stopped now!

Go here to add your voice to the call to scrap these bills:

Monday, January 16, 2012

Trying new things

I finally got around to loading some film into my pinhole camera (as previewed on here) and visited downtown Tulsa...or close by so I could get some photos of the city skyline.  Spent a couple hours out and about with my pinhole camera and my Holga camera, photographing the skyline as well as some daylight scenes around Centennial Park in Tulsa.  Of course, I'll have to re-visit it again sometime to capture some low-light photographs and maybe even some night time long exposures with the pinhole camera - reciprocity failure fun ahead!!

New project in progress

I got inspired to start taking a series of photos of a collection of bronze statues that are located along Riverside Drive in Tulsa.  So far I have only visited three of them: bears, otters and bobcat - but there are quite a few more that I will get around to visiting soon.

I primarily photographed them with my digital SLR and 20mm lens but I also had my Holga with me so have some photos on 120 slide film to check out once I have it processed.

Bear Statue:

Otter Statue:

Bobcat Statue:

These are some of my first photos of the statues and I fully intend to visit them again to capture them in different lighting conditions - and photograph the remaining statues.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend project

This weekend I started off on my experimentation with pinhole photography.  I completed the assembly of my camera (from a kit) that will shoot on 35mm film.  I haven't shot any film through it yet as I need to pick up a few rolls of colour neg film - I don't have any on-hand right now.

I thought I'd add a quick photo of the camera here and will be reporting back once I have run some film through it.