Sunday, April 12, 2015

What I've been up to

Been a little while since my last post here, partially because my (7:30am-4:30pm) other job has been taking more of my time; it can be hard finding time to run two jobs. I also ran into a "small" issue when attempting to use the ROES interface for an online photo lab - namely it did not want to work properly on my MacBook Pro.

I know that the computer world evolves at a very accelerated pace and so too do the best operating procedures, but it's been some time now that the general advise is to NOT run as the Administrator account for day-to-day things; and this is how I have my Mac setup. I have a "user" profile where all my photo software, photo files and everything else resides, and I have a separate admin account for when I need to run things at a higher system level. I very rarely log in as the admin as the usual procedure is to just authenticate my admin login when prompted. Now you are probably wondering where I am going with this AND how it relates to photography; the answer to this question is ROES or Remote Order Entry System. It is the system that the majority of online labs use for photographers to submit there work for printing.

I had signed up with an online lab, created my account, downloaded the ROES software and started the install. The software started to install then stopped - while attempting to download some settings. Okay, maybe I got a bad install package - delete it and download again. Still did the same thing at the same point in the install. Thinking that it may just be an "older style" installer that only works when in the admin account (still find this occasionally), I logged into the admin account and it installed. Great, finally have it installed so time to go back to my user account and try it out. Once I'm logged back in, I launch the ROES app and - nothing! It won't launch. For whatever reason, it will only run if I'm using my admin account; which is not something I intend to do as it is not safe computer user behavior. I do not intend to operate under the admin account just to order prints when all my photo items are sitting over on my user account - and would need to be shuffled around to allow access from the admin account.

Now fast forward to today, where as I type this post, I am finalizing the setup of a new online lab account with a different ROES package. One where I had tested their regular ROES package to insure it worked correctly - and it did. So, being hopeful, I signed up for their Pro service and am currently installing their Pro version. And guess what? It doesn't want to install. Dammit! What is going on? I have photos I need to get printed and this is getting ridiculous.

Not sure if this is a Mac OSX issue, a Java issue, or a ROES issue. Whatever the issue is, I am currently not able to do any online ordering. Which is not helping my photo business or my mood. Guess it's time to investigate this further and try to get it resolved.

And to finish this post out, I do have some more positive photo relate news. I will be making a business trip (for non-photo work) shortly and decided to pick up a small point-and-shoot camera to pop in my pocket while away. Was really surprised at how small they are now - it's smaller than my phone! Will be really interested to see how it performs and I'll report back on how well it performs in a later post.

As of 1:20pm I finally have ROES installed and running. To achieve this I ignored the installer's instructions to double-click the app to install; instead I manually dragged it to my Applications folder. Doing this, the authentication window popped up and once I authenticated, everything installed correctly - and it runs correctly too, in my User profile.

So, any photographers running Mac OSX and not able to install ROES, just drag/drop the app to your Applications folder and you should be good to go.