Friday, December 28, 2012

December update

Still a little quiet on the photography front but I did have the chance to work on my recent group portrait photo.  Fired up my printer and after doing some maintenance work (head clean/tank change) ran off a couple of prints so I can mount and frame the best one.

I did consider getting out and about this morning for a sunrise photo opportunity but it turned out to be a pretty flat and overcast sunrise.  Instead I think I'll look to trying out my new Lastolite 40in shoot-through umbrellas (thanks Santa!).

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Quick update

Not a lot happening on the photography side of things right now. I did take
a few family group portraits over Thanksgiving but not much else.

One thing I did finally do though was sign up for Adobe's Creative Cloud.
Now for a monthly subscription I have all the latest versions of Adobe's
software - Photoshop and Lightroom being my main interest. Of course this
means that I have to do a crash course on getting to know the new versions.

This and "normal life" stuff has been keeping my attention lately. Add in
the upcoming holidays and finding gifts for family (on both sides of the
Atlantic) and I'm finding my time vanishes quicker than I would like. At
least I do have a couple of weeks time off coming up soon, so I plan on
getting in plenty of photography in that time.