Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Reworking my blog

I will, as time allows look to reworking my online presence some more. I
have a domain and website behind this blog that would allow me to display
higher resolution photos than I currently post here on my blog. I am
thinking that I may do better to create photo albums on my website and look
into tying the two sites together with links between the two.

Whatever happens, there will be more activity from me and more photos taken
and posted.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some regrets

Some 20 years ago I picked up a used Zorki 4K rangefinder camera at a good price and spent a few years experimenting with the different techniques required in using a rangefinder as apposed to an SLR.  As I was unemployed at that time I eventually re-sold it.  Now I look back with some regret, as I once again feel drawn to using a rangefinder camera to "simplify" things and immerse myself into the art of photography without having to worry about all the electronics on a modern digital SLR.  That and film still has the edge on image quality in a way that digital still has not quite matched.  Not that I intend selling off my digital camera and lenses....I just fully intend to once again add a rangefinder (or more!!) to my collection and once again shoot some film.  Plus, I have a pretty nice scanner so I can digitize the film negatives/slides to have digital backups and to be able to share images here.

Stay tuned for developments.

Going to be posting more photos

I have mentioned it before and I have been meaning to do this for some time but today I am finally following through and posting a couple new images.  And I fully intend to keep on posting more images from now on.  The photos I am posting today are from my initial forays into portrait work and are photos I submitted as part of my NYIP Professional Photography course.  Both these portraits are taken with natural light - the first, outdoors under a tree at dusk to capture some of that wonderful lighting; the second, indoors next to a window to capture the sunlight while a reflector helped fill in some of the shadows.