Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some regrets

Some 20 years ago I picked up a used Zorki 4K rangefinder camera at a good price and spent a few years experimenting with the different techniques required in using a rangefinder as apposed to an SLR.  As I was unemployed at that time I eventually re-sold it.  Now I look back with some regret, as I once again feel drawn to using a rangefinder camera to "simplify" things and immerse myself into the art of photography without having to worry about all the electronics on a modern digital SLR.  That and film still has the edge on image quality in a way that digital still has not quite matched.  Not that I intend selling off my digital camera and lenses....I just fully intend to once again add a rangefinder (or more!!) to my collection and once again shoot some film.  Plus, I have a pretty nice scanner so I can digitize the film negatives/slides to have digital backups and to be able to share images here.

Stay tuned for developments.

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