Thursday, December 19, 2013

In case you noticed a difference in post appearance

I wanted to make a quick post to explain why there is a difference in how my entries look prior to December 11th 2013.  Up until that date my blog resided on a different platform (QuickBlogCast to be precise) and I was experiencing technical issues that made it very difficult to make new entries as I was often unable to post images as part of my blog posts.

So, on December 11th 2013, I made the decision to export my entire blog (and cancel my subscription) and import everything to my newly created Blogger account.  As you can see by scrolling to "older" posts everything transferred well, with one exception; photographs and images are BIG and in some cases fill the browser window - while newer ones are automatically sized down and become clickable to view the full size version.

In all, this is a relatively minor issue but one I felt should be explained more fully as it does affect the overall look and feel of my blog.

It also explains why my Blogger version is not showing up in Google searches yet - it's only 8 days old.  Ah, the joys of SEO.........

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