Monday, December 16, 2013

Mohawk Park redux

On November 10th I posted a LDR image of a HDR bracket set I took at Mohawk Park in Tulsa.  The image was processed in my "normal" tools of Photoshop to merge the images for HDR and Lightroom to post-process down to the LDR image.  At that time I was pretty happy with the result but as time passed and I found new tools and processing techniques, I found that I was not  so happy with the final image.

Today I finished re-processing the HDR bracketing images through ImageFuser and carried out a little post-processing in Lightroom to add a little punch to the finished LDR.  I'm a lot happier with this new image and it is much more natural in appearance and less "cooked".  While I like to boost things a little, I prefer to keep everything closer to reality.

Here is the new version so you can compare it with the other version, that is now resigned to my archive of techniques that didn't quite work.

I think you'l agree with me that this is a much better image than the previous version.  And going forward, this is more the "look" I will be producing in my HDR/LDR images.

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