Monday, December 23, 2013

Icy morning

It's been cold and icy here in Oklahoma.  We were hit with an ice storm recently and the temperature hasn't really been high enough for long enough to really melt it.

Amongst clearing up the mess it has made to an ornamental pear tree in my garden, I've been photographing different aspects of the ice (and will post some additional photos in another post).  Today was a little different as I had to go into Tulsa early this morning.  As I take my camera with me, there was some clouds in the sky and the sun was coming up, I took a few auto-brackets of the Tulsa skyline with some ice covered trees in the foreground.  It definitely gives an interesting look to the overall image, with a nice crispness to the scene.

Then for a different look I did a 90 degree turn and shot into the sunrise to capture this view:

I will say though that I was a little disappointed with the diffraction softening my focus on the building but overall I like the mixture of the warm tones from the sun and the colder tones from the ice.

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