Sunday, November 6, 2011

Results of test film

I finished my test film roll this weekend and had it developed so I could determine if I was happy with my new camera purchase - and to stay within my 10 day return period if I wasn't.  Not that I will be returning the camera as I have been very happy with it so far.  Also it's been refreshing to be using film again...although loading film for the first time in over 10 years was certainly a little awkward as I had lost the "muscle memory" to do it quickly and smoothly.

Here are a few images from the first film that gave me a chance to test out how the camera and lens performed, which as they are both 54 years old was something I was very curious about.

This first photo was primarily to test the Jupiter 8 lens to see if it was able to produce good bokah and as you can see, it passed the test.

The second photo was to see how the Jupiter 8 lens handled flare in contrasty lighting.  As you can see it handled it pretty good.

The third was to see how colours were handled and again, the aging Jupiter 8 lens handled the task well.

I will end on a small plug for a great website for anyone interested in cameras from the former Soviet Union (FSU) such as Kiev, FED and Zorki among others.  If any of these interest you check out and who knows, you may be like me and be shooting with an aging Kiev rangefinder too.

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