Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Learning fast

I have certainly been learning fast this last few weeks where scanning and
printing are concerned. I was under the impression that I was sufficiently
knowledgeable in these areas and that I could produce high quality prints
from scanning my film negatives. Oh how wrong I was.

I essentially learnt the following points through online research and trial
and error:
1 - You don't need to scan at max resolution to get good images. Scan at
appropriate settings for file size, printing resolution and final image
2 - Inkjet printers are fickle devices and your inks will dry up, clogging
your nozzles. Keeping them powered off when not in use will help mitigate
the drying out. Also, having a humidifier in the room will help prevent
drying out the inks on the print heads and nozzles.

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