Friday, February 3, 2012

Updates and musings

Not posted much lately, mainly due to being kept busy on other tasks but felt it time to post something on what I've been up to.My first roll of film through the Holga 120N was a little disappointing.  But it most definitely showed me where things needed to be adjusted.  ISO200 film is a little too slow especially in lower or changeable light.  Also it may be best to stick with negative film instead of slide film...although this may not be so bad if the place you take the film processes it correctly.  Cross processing can give interesting effects but it can also make an under exposed image look really much worse!  Anyway, for the next film I switched to Ilford HP5 and I'm keen to see how well it handles the faster film.My big project over the last couple of months has been a pictorial timeline of a new data center construction at my day job.  The photos follow the clearing of the space; the demolition of the flooring and ceiling; framing of new office spaces and the data center itself.  So far the photos are available to view on the official company website but I have plans to make a selection available to view on my own website.  Admittedly not something I can be very artistic with as the most important thing is to accurately record the subject.  It has certainly helped me with framing and composition, as the slightest movement of the camera away from horizontal is very apparent due to all the horizontal and vertical edges. It also highlighted an issue with my Nikon 18-55 zoom lens having pretty noticeable barrel distortion at the 18mm end. Just glad that ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) has a ready-made preset for this lens to correct the distortion with 1 click.

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