Saturday, February 18, 2012

Trying to find my voice

While this post is not entirely photographic in nature, it does have a part
to play.

For the longest time now I've felt that I slip unnoticed through life -
almost like a mute invisible person. While this may seem a bonus if doing
street photography, I've tended to feel overtly self conscious pointing a
camera at strangers in the if I'm intruding where I shouldn't.

I'm starting to think that my lack of voice (presence even) could be
contributing to my mediocre photo output lately and some pretty mediocre
photos to be honest.

My wife suggested I look at adding writing to my creative endevours as she
thinks I have a certain eloquence of words. Not sure I see this myself but
it is something I will look at in some depth.

Maybe in all this self examination I will finally find voice to my creative
urges and finally move forward. Also, it is possible when this happens I
will have more people viewing and liking my creations and I will no longer
be in the shadows.

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