Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sea of concrete

The other day I saw these flowers blooming in the midst of a sea of concrete and felt inspired to go grab my camera to record the scene. Okay, it was my driveway but why let a small detail interfere with such a nice metaphor.

I used my speedlight off camera and to the left of the flowers, triggering it via a TTL cable, to provide a little fill flash and additional texture to the flowers and concrete. Nature continuing regardless of man's attempt to cover it up and tame it.

Of course, while thinking of the contents of this blog post I started thinking more about other metaphors that this photo could represent. The main one that came to mind was how it's symbolic of me (as a person and/or as a photographer) surrounded by a sea of concrete. Trying to make my place in the world (and world of photography) while all the time hoping there isn't anyone nearby with a can of weedkiller to cut me down.

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