Monday, October 22, 2012

Visit to Woodward Park

I made another visit to Woodward Park in Tulsa, to pass a little time before heading to the airport to pick up my wife from a training trip to Virginia. It was the early afternoon so the light was bright and harsh, so I made use of my speedlight (with a diffuser dome) to provide some fill light to even out the lighting in the photos.

So once I arrived, I headed to the training garden to have a nice variety of subjects. There I found a nice selection of different flowers, plants as well as some structures and a pond full of colourful koi. I will be adding a full gallery of photos both here and on my website (I also posted a gallery on my Google+ profile) but as it's currently late - and I need to get to bed - I will post a teaser selection watch this space for the remainder of my photos.

Hope you like the photos:

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