Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekly update

Once again my weekly update is by email as I have not been spending much
time with my camera. Still in a retrospective mood and trying to figure out
how to move forward in my creative endeavors. I've really noticed how my day
to day responsibilities are restricting my drive and creativity where my
photography is concerned. Mix that in with my lack of direction as to
subject matter and what inspires me and you have a pretty large obstacle to

I know I'm not alone in these things as I thing every creative individual
faces these things on a regular basis and I just need to tear things down,
to create the new me with which to move my photography to the next level.
Just not sure on how long this will take and what all will change to achieve
the next phase. All I know is that things are not working as I would like at
this time.

I hope to have some new photos to share soon, so keep checking back.

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