Monday, May 14, 2012

Meadow Gold along Route 66 in Tulsa

After meaning to photograph it on numerous occasions I finally paid a visit to the Meadow Gold sign in Tulsa to photograph it. It looks good in the daytime but I will definitely be paying another visit when it's lit up.

The sign is over 70 years old and was originally located at 11th and S. Lewis but when the building was demolished in 2004 the sign was saved and relocated to it's current location at 11th and Peoria. It is the largest neon sign in Tulsa and possibly in existence at 30ft by 30ft in size. There are several plaques in the pavilion on which the sign was erected that gives all the history of both the company and the sign.

I will be reposting this photo on my website in a portfolio I am putting together of buildings and views around Tulsa.

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