Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Midland Valley Bridge in HDR

Here in Tulsa is an interesting bridge that some may not realize is/was actually a combination of a railway and pedestrian bridge.  The bottom level is the pedestrian bridge and the upper level was, until 1974, a railway bridge.  Now it is a part of the River Parks trail system and is in regular daily use by countless Tulsans and visitors.

You'll find the bridge at roughly 21st and Riverside in Tulsa, with a parking lot just to the east and foot access to the bridge via a concrete overpass over Riverside Drive.

Here are the photos:


  1. My favorite is the one taken from inside the bridge structure. I find it to be the most aesthetically pleasing. They're all great, but this one appeals to the abstract fan in me. It's a little more surreal feeling, and I love surreal. I can envision a person standing right at the point where all those long lines converge.

  2. Thank you for the kind comments and I'm glad you like where I was going with the image.