Monday, March 26, 2012

Some observations while wandering downtown

Over this last weekend I spent most of it in the downtown urban area of the city with a couple of cameras. While there I could not fail to notice that of all the photographers and other people carrying cameras the common factors were DSLR bodies and large aperture telephoto zooms, which looked to be 70-200's or similar. Why this seemed strange to me was I was wishing I had a wider angle lens than the 18-55 zoom I was using, that or that I didn't have a DX sensor giving me a 1.6x crop on the lens.

I am spending a lot more time using wide angle lenses in my photography and finding I prefer to get closer and fill the frame. So much so that I will even be picking up a 35mm wide angle and finder for my old rangefinder so I can use that more for urban photos; the standard 50mm was just too long for most things in downtown Tulsa, or so I found. What's going to be pricy is getting a wider angle lens for my DSLR as I would really like something around the 20mm size (20mm for FX, 12.5mm for DX) so my choice comes down to either a new body and use my existing 20mm (once it's fixed, again) or find a 12.5mm DX lens for my existing body.

Either way, I don't have the funds to do this for the forseable future.In the meantime I'm just happy to be feeling more inspired and spending time with my cameras recording images that speak to me. Ultimately it's the photographer that counts and not the camera.

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