Friday, October 14, 2011

Returning to film

I started out my photography "career" with an aging used 35mm camera and spent several enjoyable years teaching myself the art of photography. I also spent a lot of time just experimenting with composition and exposure - including reciprocity failure from long exposures in low light.

Skip forward 20 some years and I am entirely digital with a Nikon dslr setup....but I don't feel my photos are as good as my experimental period with film. Hence my recent purchase of a used Kiev IIa rangefinder camera (circa 1957). It is currently undergoing pre-sale servicing by the reseller and I am eager to get hands-on with it and shoot with film again. Hopefully it will allow me to capture the magic and creativity I feel is lacking in my
recent work.

I also intend to work primarily in black & white films, most likely from Ilford (FP4+, HP5+ and Pan-F+) as I really like printing on Ilford Gallerie inkjet paper for my digital work. To this end I have been examining ways to incorporate B/W film into my digital workflow and how to print "good" photos on my inkjet printer.... without the expense of additional software, inks or dedicated printers. I think I may have found my answer with using duotones within Photoshop. I will certainly be experimenting to see how well things print as compared to a normally B/W print on a colour inkjet with it's characteristic colour cast.

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