Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Home studio

As I go about cleaning out my garage at home I am planning out a small home
studio setup for portraits, still-life and product shots. Won't be anything
too fancy but will be nice to have a bit more space to move around.

Been having some hardware technical issues lately. My computer has been
giving some weird behaviour that is telling me it's time to rebuild with a
fresh install of the operating system. My camera has been having fits
periodically for a while but I am not really in a position right now to have
it checked/serviced by Nikon. My 20mm Nikkor is having a sticky diaphragm
again...and to top it all off my printer was having issues lastnight with it
not wanting to load paper correctly. Really frustrating to deal with all
this but hopefully none of it will entail any major expenditure.

Oh well, will just keep working around them all and keep taking photos.

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